Shaine Hymel Arrested for Falsifying Report

Date: October 10, 2013

On September 21, St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputies responded to Shaine Hymel’s residence on Daffodil Street in Mount Airy when Hymel reported the theft of a handgun and cell phone. Hymel told deputies that he evicted Jared Hebert, 22, of LaPlace from his residence on September 21. Hymel said that when he was not home, Hebert returned to the residence to retrieve his belongings and stole Hymel’s handgun and cell phone. Home security video captured Hebert at the residence.

Based on information Shaine Hymel, 26, of Mount Airy provided to investigators, Jared Hebert was arrested and booked on October 1 for theft of a firearm and theft-$500-$1500.

On October 7, Shaine Hymel met with detectives and recanted the reported theft of his handgun and cell phone. He told detectives that he authorized Hymel to take his handgun and cell phone. Hymel was arrested and booked with false swearing for purpose of violating public health or safety.






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